Specialty Curved and Flat Glass

BCG is not only built on delivering unique glass solutions to its customers in curved glass, we also produce many other specialty glass products which apply to both curved and flat glass. We help our customers achieve amazing results for their projects through many other applications. Specialty products include but are not limited to

  • Structural interlayers
  • Colours or graphic interlayer
  • Painted glass
  • Switchable glass
  • Multilaminate glass
  • Acoustic or thermal interlayers
  • Laminating different materials between the glass

If you have an interesting project that requires an innovative solution we are here to help you



Neutral Bay Residence, Sydney

Stair treads and landing: 39.04mm clear toughened structural laminated flat glass
Frameless balustrade: 15.04mm clear toughened structural laminated flat glass

Office Fitout, Alexandria Sydney

13.6mm Low Iron laminated flat glass: 2 layers 6mm Starphire annealed glass with custom interlay Bark Fabric encapsulated with multi 0.4mm clear EVA interlayers

Point Piper Residence, Sydney

12.76mm clear and acid etched laminated curved glass window facade