Curved Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is made by heating annealed glass to approximately 700° Celsius then cooling the outer surfaces rapidly. This process makes the glass very strong and shock resistant thus more durable.

Bent & Curved Glass uses this toughening technique though two different horizontal tempering furnaces. Producing tight radius and tangent radius curved glass panels, up to larger size architectural panels in a full range of glass types. Having both furnaces allows us to provide curved glass solutions for a wide range of applications in architectural, commercial and residential installations.

Following is our curved toughening specifications. Please contact us regarding the viability of using bent glass in your next project.

Toughened Glass Guidelines
Glass Thickness Furnace 1 Min Radius Furnace 2 Min Radius
5-6mm 460 1000
8mm 600 1200
10mm 700 1200
12mm 1000 1500
15mm On Application On Application
Max Size 2500H x 1500G 3300H x 2500G
Min Size 150H x 400G 400H x 600G
Max Angle 90 deg  N/A
Max depth of curve 250mm 680mm
The viability of a piece will depend on the combination of glass thickness, radius, length and depth of curve.
Overall measurement +/-2mm over 1m
Twisting +/-3mm over 1m
Edge flatness +/-2mm over 1m
Deviation of curve +/-2mm
Edge alignment +/-2mm
The Wave Apartments, Marrickville Sydney

10mm clear toughened curved glass window facade

QANTAS First Class Lounge, Mascot Sydney

15mm clear toughened curved glass balustrade

Capital Finance Australia, Sydney

12mm clear toughened curved glass office partition